Blinged: A Quick Look

Bling is “flashy or gaudy jewelry, named for the sound generated when worn,” according to the Urban Dictionary. It’s all the flashy trimmings that are supposed to yell “I’m successful,” but in excess they might serve as a red flag indicating an empty talent pool. That’s the accusation made by some, at least. Blinged is the third installment in Play’n GO’s Pimped series, which also includes the equally cash-centric slot, Pimped 2, and has jewelry as a major theme regardless of your perspective. Rich said that.

It would be easy to make assumptions about the games based on their names alone if you’ve never tried any of them. The series, however, has proven to be quite successful. Certainly Pimped was. That’s Rich failed to fire in quite the same manner. Play’n GO appears to be taking a step back with its new slot machine, Blinged, which is based on the success of Pimped. One reason is that they share a lot of the same themes and hip hop allusions. Secondly, the two have very similar gameplay and features. There have been a number of shifts that make these two entities distinct from one another. Get the details on what they are.

The visual style of the game is a throwback to the original Pimped. However, a new, sexier G-dogettes group has taken their place. The action of the slot machine, which is played across 5 reels and 10 fixed paylines (the operative word being “fixed,” as there are no “heroic” one-line wins in Pimped), takes place in the city, on an empty street in front of what may be New York’s Chrysler Building. You can almost picture the gang, buzzed on champagne, driving down Fifth Avenue, sticking their heads out the limo’s sunroof while onlookers ogle.

The first stage in becoming a blinged-out member of society is placing a wager of 10 percent to one hundred dollars or Euros on any device, especially a pink diamond Falcon Supernova iPhone. Take a look at this $48 million smartphone that can load your Instagram photos instantly. The rest of the stats have nosedived since the past two slots. The initial rate of return is now 96.25%, a small decrease, and the volatility level is 6/10 (medium). Potential has been unexpectedly cut in half, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

If you’ve been paying attention, you can probably guess where the symbols are leading us. Diamond-studded 10-A royals framed in gold serve as the entry-level compensation. After the low-paying staff, the high-paying staff arrives bearing bills, gold shoes, gold rings, three young women, and a fourth young woman wearing a cap. The payout for a line of five bets is between 25 and 75 times the initial investment. If you can find five Rihanna doppelgangers in a row, you’ll win 100 times your bet. The wild can also stand in for any other icon aside from the scatter to complete winning combinations.

Affixed with Bling

Since many people have already played Pimped, you already know how most of the functions work. Changes have occurred on the periphery, but fundamentally, not much has changed.

Scatter symbols only occur on reels 1, 3, and 5. Scatters are the enormous diamonds that would make any girl say “yes” to an engagement ring. If you get three diamond scatters at once, you’ll get five Win Spins. The Win Spins feature can either provide a win or set off respins that keep happening until a win appears.

The win multiplier is increased by one for each respin. Any multiplier that has been accumulated during a respin and has resulted in a win is carried over to the subsequent Win Spin. This functionality may be enhanced further. Whenever a scatters lands on a Win Spin, it adds one more Win Spin to the existing amount, up to 20 at the most.

Rather than getting nothing if they receive the dreaded two scatter tease, players now get 1 Win Spin. These one-time Win Spins follow the identical guidelines as the standard set of five outlined above.

As a last tweak, the option to gamble has been removed. You win something; you keep it, there is no fretting about going large. Some gamers won’t mind at all, but those who want to take risks may be disappointed.

Conclusion: Blinged

It would be easy to glance at the screenshots and the paytable and assume that Blinged is merely Pimped with female stars, given how retro they appear. Blinged may have many similarities to its ancestor, but there have been enough alterations to suggest otherwise.

The superficial details reveal an interesting twist that has potential for positive outcomes: respins that result in victory multipliers. The removal of the option for changing the number of active paylines is another modification. When only one payline is active, the formerly extreme volatility has dissipated like a wad of cash in a strip joint. The silver lining is that getting two scatter symbols awards a consolation Win Spin, and who doesn’t like a Win Spin? It’s cold hard cash, a definite thing, yo.

The lack of a bet option helps ensure that Blinged does not become the high-powered gambling machine that Pimped was. What also adds to this shift is the winding down of the math model and potential. Given that studios typically take the opposite approach for a sequel, this is a surprising change. Blinged’s maximum payout is just 5,000 times the player’s wager, while the prior two slots’ maximum payouts were 10,000x and 20,000x, respectively.

Ultimately, the alterations suggest that Blinged caters to a new demographic, perhaps one composed primarily of women. If these two spots were occupied by rappers, one would have come up in Compton and released tunes from Cell Block 8, while the other would have learned the ropes by lip-syncing Vanilla Ice’s one and only hit on the X-Factor stage.






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